All content goes here. There is no limit as to how much you may add.
The frame is limitless.An inline frame is actually 2 html pages. The one
with all the content on this set is called myrefuge2.html
and you can view it HERE.
You must have this html page as well as the myrefuge.html page
and they must be located in the same directory.

All original html files included in the zipped file.

Zip File

Please note that when coding your hyperlinks each
one needs the command target="_blank"so that
it will open in a new window, otherwise
it will open within the inline frame.
The target needs to be set to _blank

<a href="" target="_blank">

Please read the Terms of Use before using the set as linkware.

Please place a logo and link on each page used.

Link logo back to:

Please DO NOT link directly to these graphics.


All American Kitty graphic courtesy of StockStash

Font used is ElGar
Created 03/16/04